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8753C Sampler Magnitude and Phase Correction Constants

Question asked by kada1 on Mar 24, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by Dr_joel
When I try to perform "Sampler Magnitude and Phase Correction Constants" adjustments using external power meter according Service Manual after third adjustment stage (Input B Sampler Correction Constant) I did not see "DONE" or "FAIL" on the display.
Regarding service manual when the automatic procedure is finished "DONE" or "FAIL" should be appear.
I only see "TEST 53 Sampler Cor -ND-" like before test executing and " * " symbol on the left top corner.

After it I tried "Optional Check Procedure" regarding service manual.
This is an extract from service manual:
If you want to see the effect of the sampler correction constant on input R, perform the following steps:

1. Connect a cable directly from RF OUT to input R.

2. Press: {PRESET} {MEAS} {R}
{SCALE REF} {SCALE/DIV} {.} {5} {x1}

The display should appear as shown in Figure 22a, below.

3. Press {SAMPLER COR ON/off}.

This turns sampler correction off.The display should appear in Figure 22b, below. If results displayed in step 2 or 3 do not appear correct, rerun the test. If either of them are still incorrect, refer to the Receiver troubleshooting section.


But I got the following result:


Is it "correct or "incorrect?