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Crosstalk simulation

Question asked by on Aug 28, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2009 by crscott
Hello all,

I am kind of new to ADS simulation. I want to simulate a geometry and calculate the crosstalk(Far end and Near end in case of microstrip/transmission line). I have 2 transmission lines(50 ohms), terminated with an odd mode impedance of 100 ohms. I also want to see the diiferential and common signal at the end of the traces when the traces are driven in the differential mode.

My first step is to get the differential output and then get the crosstalk.I have put my schematics here.

I have 2 step pulses. One with + 1 V and the other with -1 V. All other parameters are the same. I take the output across the 100 ohms resistor. I can see ringing(due to the impedance mismatch between source resistor(7.5 ohms) and 100 ohms. But what i expect at the output is a 2 V differential output. I dont get that. See my output here.

Please check it and tell me whats wrong.It will be of great help. Thanks

Vysakh Sivarajan
Graduate Research Assistant
Electromagnetic Compatibility Lab
Missouri University of Science and Technology(UMR)