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difference between schematic and layout in ads 2016

Question asked by walid on Apr 21, 2016

Hello All
in order to make optimisation in my patch antenna used in my school project 
i create an component with The layout like figure 1 and 2 attached  and a shematic file that call the component and simulate the optimisation to give me the Best radius and port place (shematique attached in fig 3 and 4  ) 
my problem is that :
when i receive the value of X and R optimized and i simulate this result with shematic : i receive a result optimized of the DbS(1,1) and satisfied my goal  perhaps when i put the same valus of X and R in my layout i obtain an different result for the DbS(1,1) that is totally different of the result of schematic
can you  tell me please why i have this different and how i can resolved