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Compression effect in BER simulation

Question asked by j.han on Sep 22, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2009 by WESBRODSKY
I am now simulating to find the relationship between the receiver nonlinear characteristics and its BER performance. The testbenches I use are modified from the example designs. One is WCDMA3G_UE_Rx_prj/UE_RX_MaxLevel.dsn, the other is WCDMA3G_RF_Verification_prj/3GPPFDD_UE_RX_test.dsn (and set the 'MeasType=MaxLevel'). The only thing I do is to add nonlinear parameters (GCType/TOIout/dBc1out for GainRF and TOI/GainCompPower Amplifier2 respectively). But I find that even if the signal is compressed heavily (for example, set the GainCompPower or dBc1out smaller than the actual signal power), the simulated BER can still be zero. I do not know the reasons. Hope someone in this forum can help me clarify this problem, thanks.