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Momentum Simulation of Imported Design

Question asked by mhughes30 on Sep 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2009 by stevedb
I want to simulate a layout of a 4 layer board done in Eagle. (The board is fairly complex and redoing the layout in ADS would be difficult) I used the gerber viewer to perform the task of uploading the geometry. Then, I believe I have correctly mapped the various layers to the substrate/metalization layers in ADS. Then, I added the ports (4) and ground-reference ports (4). The substrate pre-calculations works fine.

However, when mesh generation begins, it never completes and no error messages are every given. The mesh size being used is modest.

I'm wondering if any one knows what could be causing this problem, and if they have any advice on simulating imported layouts in Momemtum.