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Incorporating Non-Linear Elements in Momentum

Question asked by psahayda on May 7, 2007
Latest reply on May 8, 2007 by ALEPEREZ
I'm pretty new to Momentum (and ADS in general) but I've been working on circuit incorporating some non-linear models that required DC sources.  I first built up the circuits in the schematic simulator and they are working well enough, but before ordering parts and material I wanted to give it a go in momentum to make sure nothing funny happens due to the actual layout.  The momentum layout is built including referencing place holders for the non-linear models, but how can I define a fixed bias condition for those devices (resulting in a fixed s-parameter set) for those models during the momentum analysis?  

I've thought about generating s-parameter data external to the layout at a fixed bias condition and importing the resulting s2p file into momentum, but the devices aren't connected to any easily defined impedance...definitely not 50ohms so I'd be wary of the s-parameter data I get just using 50ohms or some other 'guessed' port impedence.  

Would be a lot easier if I could establish fixed bias through ports or some other method in Momentum or run the schematic simulator using the layout for the applicable traces and pads so I could use the non-linear models direclty...

Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks!