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ADS conflict with broadband dongle

Question asked by overtheocean36 on Nov 21, 2011

l'm having a strange issue when connected to the  network with a Broadband 3G dongle. ADS2011 is working fine but not ADS2009. When runing ADS2009 ADS it is  stoping at "Initialization" and keeps to run for ever overloading the processor.

It is working fine when connected to internet with cable or by wifi, only having this issue with the Broadband 3G dongle ( so not an issue with the license retrieval) which l need to use in a remote lab. Even when l try to use the License preference tool ...same issur.

Here is my config:
- Laptop dell latitude E6400
- Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
- ADS2009 update1
- Dongle 3G broadband Huawei E1750.

any idea how to fix that ?