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Strange error message when trying to perform ptomely cosim.

Question asked by drgz on Nov 4, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2011 by drgz
I have a combined RF+DSP network (basically the same as in the PDFs attached in the post view topic ). This setup worked perfectly fine with ADS2009U1 and MATLAB R2009b.

However, now I've installed ADS2011.05 and MATLAB R2010b on my computer. I've tested with simpler schematics that the link between MATLAB and ADS works as it should. But, when I try to do a simulation with the schematic mentioned in the link, I get the following error message:


Error detected by hpeesofsim during analysis.
    Could not find transient or envelope analysis component for cosimulation
    of circuit with `O2' and its neighbors

O2 is in my case the EnvOutSelector component; and I really can't understand why I get this error as I do have an envelope simulator placed in my RF network. Is the syntax for how to place the components different in the newest version of ADS or am I missing something obvious here?