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innermost indep of nested sweeps

Question asked by Toby on Nov 16, 2010

I'd like to prepare some DDS templates, which should be able to handle data of arbitrary sweep dimension.
For some of the calculations, I need to extract the innermost indep value in form of a 1d array.
Simply calling indep(data) doesn't do the trick, since it's returning the multi-dim matrix of all individual indep values.
As I'm dealing with nested sweeps, I'd need to evaluate something like indep(data[0,0,::]).
But this way of extracting the indep data doesn't work for arbitrary sweep dimension.

Is there a function, which allows to get the 1d array of the innermost sweep values for regularly nested sweep data,
or do I need establish some ugly if-then-esle statements or write my own AEL function ?