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automate dftool/ds_export from schematic

Question asked by MURPHY294 on Jul 31, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by sneally
I am trying to export my dataset for post-processing in Matlab.  My dataset contains multidimensional data, so I have found that the only tools that seem to work, for this case, are dftool, dsdump, and ds_export.  Dsdump and ds_export and both DOS utilities.  While I could script their calls for automation, I think this would prove to be a rather difficult to maintain.  Additionally, the output of dsdump would appear to require considerable parsing.

Dftool does what I want, but it is a graphical tool.  I know that its calling code is de_dftool();  Is there a way to add an AEL expression to the schematic in such a way that when the simulation is complete, dftool automatically produces the generic MDIF file?