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Question asked by STUKHS on Jul 30, 2006

I like to find the DC power drawn by the amplifier so as to calculate the power added efficiency.

In general, the DC power drawn is calculated by finding the current drawn by the amplifier at all the ports and doing a summation of the DC power (multiplying the voltage by the current) at all the ports.

However, I have implemented my amplifier model (using polynomials) in the DSP domain, and there is no "concept" of current sensing in this domain. One advise I received is to do a co-simulation where the amplifier model is implemented in the Analog/RF block SDD2P. However, it might take days and weeks to rerun my simulations.

Is it realistic to calculate the DC drawn using square(Voltage) / Resistance, at all the ports, with the assumation that R = 50 Ohm?

Kwang Hwee