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Questions to BER_Validation_prj

Question asked by WSTR on Apr 17, 2007
Latest reply on May 10, 2007 by kkladopoulos
Hi guys,
I try to get into BER simulation. I started with the BPSK case of BER_Validation_prj.
Here my questions:

1. I noted that the result is significantly dependent on the number of samples per symbol. That should not be the case, isn't it?

2. I had a closer look on the root raised cosine filter (LPF_RaisedCosine_Timed) used in the project. The plots of the two versions (model with pulse equilization and impulse model) do not look like the ones I know from the literature. They even do not satisfy the first Nyquist criterion. I did a data flow simulaiton with an impulse at the input of the filter and a fft block and a timed sink at the output to determine the transfer function and the impulse response. The documentation unfortunately gives no clue at all.

I appreciate any idea or insight.

Thank you. Wolfram