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How to create a new model from netlist with layout?

Question asked by adsfan on Oct 24, 2010

I want to generate a new simulation model from a netlist, that I downloaded from NXP Semiconductors (or any other company). First I want to create a schematic model and simulate a circuit with this new model. After simulation I want to create a layout from this circuit. So how can I create a schematic model and a layout symbol, i.e. for a new transistor, and save it to my partslibrary where all the other agilent components are? I want that ADS takes the new layout symbol for the new transistor when I generate a layout.

I tried to make a subcircuit for a transistor with ports and edited the layout of this transistor subcirctui. Then I built a circuit with this subcircuit and said ADS to generate the layout. All components where there in the layout except that one of the transistor from the subcircuit. Whats the right way?