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EMDS question.

Question asked by jasonzou on Oct 8, 2010

I wanted to simulation the Spiral Inductor S-parameters and computed far_field.

1.Set top freespace-FR4-freespace ;
2.set cond as 1st strip,hole as via,cond2 as 2nd strip;
3.set S-parameters simulation;
4.Port 1-port2 set in cond,port3 set in cond2;

The Circuit Source number "1" passes through a metal object
>>>>>>>>>           over the portion of the path from
>>>>>>>>>           (775, 150, -175) to (775, 150, 25).
>>>>>>>>>           Circuit sources may not exist in or pass through
>>>>>>>>>           metal objects.
>>>>>>>>>           Please redefine Circuit Source number "1".
attachment my prj