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Question regarding Fast Cosim

Question asked by drgz on Sep 18, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2010 by drgz

just got a quick question regarding the Fast Cosim feature for co-simulations with Ptolemy. I got a PA I want to do simulations on with signals generated in MATLAB. If I don't enable the Fast Cosim option, each simulation can take up to 40-60 min, which is kinda longer than I'd like it to be. However, enabling the Fast Cosim options without changing the default settings for the number of characterization parameters results in a performance which isn't satisfactory. Thus, I must tweak the number of characterization points manually.

The question that then arises is how many points for the different options is enough? I mean, If the signal from MATLAB is a 20.000-by-1 vector (16-QAM), should the number of amplitude points used in the building of the model be 20.000? And what about the number of phase points and small-signal freq. points around the carrier?

I've been reading a bit through the documentation, but I can't find any good answer to this. I also assume there won't be any universal answer either, but some guiding lines would have been appreciated.

So if anyone got some inputs I'd be happy to get them.

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