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difficulty to export datafile

Question asked by xuzhu on Jan 8, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2007 by xuzhu
I got some difficulty to export datafile in ADS simulation.

My hardware:
I have ADS2005A installed on a HP Windows XP workstation.

Software installation: following prompt instruction with ADS installed at C:\ADS2005A, and projects are lumped in C:\ADS_users.

I tried two examples, ID 142322 and ID 218849, and none of them went through.

I followed the instruction "How do I install custom AEL expressions in ADS?". My system setup doesn't has the search path for "C:\ADS2005A\expressions\ael" directory. I tried to load the "writepara.ael" with full pathname and put this file in my current project directory followed by loading it. The loading looks normal.
Then I run "dsp_sim" design by clicking the "Simulate" icon on toolbar, I always got following error, "Unable to resolve variable(s) or function(s) in expression 'Export = writepara2d(FileName, "W", Header, Delimiter,N1, N2, NBits)' writepara2d ".
It seems to me something is not interpreted correctly.

I looked at the code of "writepara.ael",
the definition of fuction, "defun writepara2d(Filename, WriteAppend, HeaderText, Delimiter)", has less input parameters than in schematic MeasEqn. Does it matter?

Did I miss some steps or my ADS system setting need to be changed?