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Question asked by AMPARO on Jan 7, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2007 by kkladopoulos
Hello again to everybody:

I'm still working in a BPSK transmitter, but I still have a lot of problems:

I have the following components:

1)A Data Generator from "Timed Sources" library with TStep=0.1usec, BitTime=1usec and sequencePattern=20

2)A PM Modulator from "Timed Modem" library with FCarrier=170.4MHz, Power=0.01W, Sensitivity=1 and Phase=0

3)A TimedSink from "Sinks" library with Plot=None, RLoad=DefaultRLoad, Start=0, Stop=0.1 msec and ControlSimulation=YES

I make my DF analysis for DefaultNumericStart=0, DefaultNumericStop=100, DefaultTimeStart=0 and defaultTimeStop=0.1 msec

However, when I make the simulation, open a new data display window and select "T1", the program ask me: "How would you like to handle this data?" I have selected "Real part" or "Magnitude", but in the graphic only appears an horizontal line with the value of "2".

What am I doing wrong in the simulation? It should appear a BPSK sonusoid right?