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Modelling voltage source based on dataset

Question asked by Chris_26 on Mar 8, 2010

I have two problems which I have not been able to solve by myself yet.
To begin with, I want to model a voltage source based on data which I have measured. I created a citifile containing this data and then used the "read file into dataset" function. The citifile consists of the variable tp, which is my time variable, and the dependent variable vtest, which is my time dependent voltage data. When I simulate this in a transient simulation I get a constant value over time that equals the first value of my voltage data. Furthermore I get a warning during the simulation: Warning in function Access value not specified for "tp", will use the first value.
Any idea how I can solve this?

My second question is how to model a current dependent resistor. I want to create a resistor that has 2 different values depending on what current flows through it. E.g. as long as the current is 1mA or less its value should be 1kOhm otherwise it should be 1mOhm.

Thank you for your effort!