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Hardware recommendations for ADS2008 +

Question asked by Uky on Feb 11, 2010
I am using ADS2008U2 Momentum for EM simulations of microstrip filters.

Previously, I was using a Core2Duo ~2.8 GHz running XP32 with 3Gigs of RAM.
Recently I had the opportunity to upgrade to a Core i7-920 (2.66 GHz) with
same amount of RAM and a reasonably fast SAS-Disk (although not in a RAID configuration.

It seems that 2008U2 dows not use more than 4 threads. I tried 2009U1 but ran
into problems with the Optimization cockpit and because of this, I reverted back
to 2008. Right now I am writing this and the CPU-load is high on 4 cores/threads
and low on the remaining. (~50% in total)


* Is there any gain by switching to XP64?
   (Momentum Engine is using 422MBytes at this moment)

* Does 2009U1 support more Cores/Threads?

* Is Disk speed / Cache crucial? It seems that ADS is better designed
  compared to CST (which seems to rely heavily on frequent disk I/O
  operations which slows down performance)