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FDD multi ports

Question asked by wilfried87 on Feb 10, 2010
Hello everybody,

I work on behavioral modeling (PHD model, volterra model...)  and for implement my model in ADS to use it in envelope simulation i need to use a FDD of more than 10 ports...

I know that is possible by using severals fdd but the issue is that the main input and the main output is the sum of all the voltage and current ouput and input of all the FDD's...
So the problem is when we use severals fdd, ADS does not make the difference between the voltage of the port 1 of the first FDD and of the second FDD.
And so for my kind of model is a really big problems.

So i ask the question, is it possible to use a FDD with more than 10 ports ?

If someone understand my problem, and can help me it would be wonderful.