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New to ADS - Setting Initial Conditions

Question asked by Cole on Jan 22, 2010
Hi, I'm a student at Drexel University working on my senior project. It's a type of oscillator circuit (rotary traveling wave). The simple ring only consists of inverter pairs and transmission lines with a crossover point for the signal inversion. The goal is to design and simulate this for use on a PCB.

I've had some success in importing a model from a vendor (i.e. an inverter from fairchild semiconductor) but when I go to run transient analysis, I don't get an output. I've simulated this RTWO successfully in Cadence Virtuoso (HSpice) using an initial condition since the transmission lines would be floating otherwise. Any noise event should trigger an oscillation.

Assuming I have everything else right... what is the easiest way to set an initial condition or otherwise introduce a single pulse into this system?