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Could not load usermodels

Question asked by THEULI on Jan 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2008 by THEULI

can someone what's going wrong there?

I copied users\adsptolemy and set the variable ADSPTOLEMY_MODEL_PATH to c:\ads2006u3\users\adsptolemy.

At the schematic view I can place the model from the library and it's good so long..
But the simulation stopps with an error.

I'm running ADS2006U3 on Windows Vista.

this is the error message. Running from command-line return the same message.


Simulation / Synthesis Messages

Error detected by hpeesofsim during netlist flattening.
   Could not load usermodels: Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden..
   Running the simulation from the command line may give a more detailed
   error message.  See the "Building Signal Processing Models From the
   Command Line" chapter of the Ptolemy manual for instructions on how to
   do this.

Status / Summary

hpeesofsim (*) 313.200 Sep 21 2007 (built: 09/21/07 21:50:27)
Copyright Agilent Technologies, 1989-2006.
Simulation terminated due to error.