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two questions about channel response

Question asked by jxjx on May 15, 2006
Latest reply on May 16, 2006 by TNAKA
The first question is in ADS, if a channel is given (take the UWB fading channel as an example), is there any easy method or tools provided in ADS I can apply/use directly to obtained the channel response?
I apply an impulse generator to pump a RF impulse to the channel and measure the received signal at the receiving end. Then I use some formulas to get the transfer function (channel response).  Is this method correct?

After I obtained the impulse channel response, how can I have a simulation box have the same transfer function exactly as the one I obtained?

I planed to use S2p simulation box. After I obtained the response, I saved it as a text file which contains both the magnitude and the angle. This is taken as S21. I took both S11 and S22 as 0. I took S12 the same as S21. So I got a complete s2p file for s2p simulation box.

Then I encounter another problem, the S2p simulation box can only be run in the RF/ANALOG environment but not the DSP simulation environment. I would like to run it in DSP schematic.
What I can do now?

Thanks a lot!