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Wouldn't it be cool if...Regarding EM co-optimize

Question asked by vgreer on Sep 25, 2003
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2003 by ALEPEREZ
After much effort, journeys down dead end paths, two emails to tech support, and much schedule back-pedalling, I have the EM cosimulator working on a layout component-based double-spiral transformer and I'm ready to get into optimization in a serious way.  

As I look into the depths of this new approaching void, I find myself thinking about how many of the variables in my coil should have boundary conditions based on other variables.  Is it possible to somehow set such boundaries?  As an example, I want the coil diameter to be bound by the number of turns and the width of a turn.  The width of a turn can be defined in terms of the width of the lines and the separation between them.  An inequality of this situation would look a little like this:
D >= (N+2)(2W+2S)
where D is coil diameter, N is number of turns, W is line width, and S is separation.  Can I somehow get the EM cosim optimizer to respect this boundary?  If not, can I define error conditions in the artwork macro behind the layout component so that Momentum will call it quits on a simulation of an undesirable/geometrically impossible coil without bringing the whole optimization down?  

Any and all help will be appreciated.  

Thanks in advance,