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Editing designkits in Advanced Model Composer

Question asked by BERTILH on Nov 27, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2006 by BERTILH
In Advanced Model Composer it is only possible to add components to an existing designkit. When modifying a designkit I want to update components or delete a component and insert an updated version.

With hpedlibgen it is possible to delete components from the library file design_kit.idf but I think also other files in the designkit have to be modified to delete a component from the library.

Did read that the .rat files can be deleted from the data directory to save space. Why are thoose files copied from momentum to the designkit at all. If you delete the .rat files the size of the kit is reduced more than 50 %  and the number of files is reduced with more than 80 %.