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HSUPA and HSDPA signal sources

Question asked by ppai on Jun 24, 2009

I have two questions regarding HSDPA and HSUPA libraries.
1)       In the example project on HSUPA ,( ADS 2008 examples/ HSUPA/ HSUPA_UE_Tx_prj/ networks/ UE_Tx_Max_Power.dsn), I need to  implement 4 different EDPDCH channels having different gain values per the HSUPA standard. I tried using an array for GainED parameter of HSUPA_UL_Source, but the simulation status/summary says “The port connected to multiport EDPDCH is 4, but the maximum valid port is 2.” Can anyone please let me know how to implement this signal using HSUPA_UL_Source?

2)      Regarding HSDPA library,  I am unable to find a HSDPA UL source where I can configure the HS gain factors. Can you please indicate the right component to be used as a HSDPA UL source.