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Model Binning w/ external parameter?

Question asked by MIKAELGARCIA on Nov 6, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2007 by MIKAELGARCIA
I wonder if there is a way I can use the Model Binning component to select a model block as a function of a regular parameter defined in a VAR block (external parameter)?

I have only been able to get the Model Binning component to work on (local) parameters that are used by the model (Area etc). However, I would like to perform a simulation in which I change the model block used for my device. I figured if I define an index and then sweep its value while the Model Binning is tied to this parameter it could work. So far no luck though...

Are there any other ways I can change between two or more model blocks in a sweep (e.g. from BJTM1 to BJTM2)?