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DAta access component

Question asked by qammera on Jun 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2010 by chrisquigley
i measured 60 sparamter files for 60 channels

Now what i want to do is that  i want to do 60 simulation sweeps and want to calculate BER.
i want that after each sweep i can change s parameter file in S block and calcualte BER. and also after every sweep i want to change fingerdelay in UWB finger correlator.

Using DAC
is it possible?
if not can anyone sort out the problem

problem can be divided in two parts
1. for a 1 s parameter file i want to sweep finger delay 60 times
2.if this work then i ll synchronize  s parameter files and finger delay file

but in my 1st step i m getting error u cant modify  N of uwb finger delay.