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differential transformer with dc center taps

Question asked by yanyujin on Mar 17, 2009
Hi, All,

I'm trying to build a (ideal) transformer with differential IOs, and center taps at both input and output for biasing purposes. As the ADS documentation reveals, the 'TF' and 'TF3' models pass DC, therefore they cannot be used for my purpose. I tried the physical model 'Xferp', it appears also to convert DC voltage, giving unbelievably high output voltage (on the order of GV).  

As a last resort, I try to build the transformer from the scratch using VCCS and CCCS. In Cadence, the input current of the CCCS can be sensed by a reference voltage. Unfortunately, I cannot find similar parameter for the CCCS in ADS, and I fail to make a link between the currents between the primary and secondary.

Any tips?

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