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N6732A Power supply modules in N6700 Mainframe Grouping problem

Question asked by kyletweber on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by MattC
We have been operating two modules in a grouped fashion to supply 5V power to a remotely sensed power distribution board.  Remote sense is connected to Module1 at the distribution board, and sense for Module2 is connected to sense of Module1.

The remote sense configuration matches that which is in the user's manual, however we noted overcurrent fault trips and looked into the current sharing.  With no load one supply sourced 1.2A and the other sunk 1.2A.  This kind of imbalance appears to lead to the overcurrent trip.  When loads were turned on, one supply sourced 3.5A and the other sourced only 0.5A.

Is there a problem with these supplies sharing current and/or operating in remote sense mode?