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Slower simulations with network installations?

Question asked by PrizmP on Oct 11, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2008 by PrizmP
Hi everyone,

I used to run a swept variable S-Parameter simulation on a very simple and idealized circuit consisting of only transmission lines. The swept variable could take 2^12 (4096) states witch took about 9 seconds to simulate in ADS 2004A. Now i need to simulate that same circuit with a second and third parameter to sweep which make the numbers of sweeps grow exponentially. The thing is that now i only have access to ADS 2006A in a network installation environment (which, i think, means libraries are on a remote computer) and each sweep takes 55 seconds! This means that a batch simulation that was supposed to take 1 day with 2004A now takes about 1 week! :'(

My question is... Is this slowdown caused by the new simulation engine/algorithm or would this be caused by the network installation? If so, could there be a workaround to this?

Thanks for your feedback!