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LineCalc vs Momentum: Microstrip definition

Question asked by svia on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2012 by GIRI
Hello, any of you have compared results of a Microstrip 50Ohm line and electrical length 90º, when calculated Width and Length is done with ADS LineCalc, or with Momentum?

I wanted to calculate a 50Ohm and 90º Microstrip line in Arlon 25N H=0.508mm @1.6GHz

I calculated with LineCalc: W=1.14mm, L=28.85mm

Simulating with Momentum: Starting from LineCalc values, I realized that
Phase(S12)=90º if L=28.55mm, 0.3mm less that with LineCalc
Mag(Zo)= 50Ohm when W=1.2mm, a difference of 0.06mm with LineCalc.

Have you some measurements? What its better to trust, LineCalc, or Momentum?

Thank you