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Does ADS support for OpenCL

Question asked by mirek on Nov 23, 2011

I wonder if ADS have support for OpenCL to accelerate the simulation on multi core CPUs and GPUs. I see some of the simulation that our design engineers do can take couple day or more.
I am reading about usage of graphic processor for general computing. It look like some of the calculation can be significantly speeded up. I see example where floating point calculation can improve up to 80 time on GPUs as compare to CPU. It will be grate to have such acceleration. It could shrink the simulation from couple days to couple hours.

I find some example of floating point benchmark with OpenCL from Brno University of Technology

Using GPUs look like very low cost approach that can give very high performance gain. Good - off the shell video card is below $500 and can deliver more then 1Gflop.