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S-parameter Passband Flatness Simulation

Question asked by on Sep 15, 2007
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I'm working with a Rx frontend that has an amp (MGA53543) followed by a dilectric resonator filter followed by another amp (AH114). There are matching components before and after the amps as well as before and after the filter. The challenge has been to flatten the passband response through the amp/filter/amp section and I've had poor agreement between the S-parameter simulation (ADS 2006u2) and measured results. I've used the amp S-parameters supplied by the amp vendors and I've simulated the layout in Momentum to include the parasitic effects in the simulation. I've also used the vendor supplied S-parameters for the inductors and capacitors.

Is there something else that should be considered or a simulation setup that should be implemented to improve the accuracy of the simulation?