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Recommended way of organising files

Question asked by lnorbit on Aug 12, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2007 by ALEPEREZ
I have been using ADS (with Mom) for a couple of years, but I now have a larger project where the management of the files is becoming a problem. I need to do Mom sims of my subcircuits, which also contain lumped devices.

I create and half-optimise the circuits in the Schematic (linear sim) (filename: MyCircuit_mom), Generate layout with appropriate internal ports, simulate then Component|Create/Update (filename is still: MyCircuit_mom)

When I then want to use my Mom component back in the Schematic, should I create a new Schematic (filename: MyCircuit_test_bench) and insert the layout component (basically MyCircuit_mom) into that?

When you only need to do 1-2 subcircuits all this is ok, but with a dozen circuits I find the whole ADS interface very unwieldy, especially when variables have global scope and create hidden snags and interdependencies (how about a Search for Variable that's hierachical?)

Are there any books/pdfs that give advice on pratical organisation aspects of using ADS?