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Model Composer - PCB with Parts on both Sides

Question asked by WDOERR on Jan 4, 2004
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2004 by WDOERR
My project contains multilayer boards with about 20 parts on the top and bottom side.

As first step I run the layout in Momentum and add afterwards discrete parts in the schematic.

The Model Composer is a good help as the 2x20 parts give 40 ports and a meaningfull model symbol is helpfull.

The situation is:
=> the layout has several layers (:))
=> the ports are attached to several layers and adopt in the layout tool the colour of the associated layer (:) very helpfull)
=> the Model Composer maps the layout layers to layers in the schematic with the same colour (:) very helpfull)
=> the Model Composer maps all ports to the same schematic layer which causes confusion :o
=> all schematic components are on the same layer and therefore it is not possible to give them different colours or to turn their visibility separately on/off :o

Who has a solution on this?
Help would be very appreciated.