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ael script and opening ADS for the first time

Question asked by PMOREL on Apr 17, 2005
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2005 by mfredrik

I have an issue when opening an ael script for the first time : I place the script in the "networks" folder of "myproject_prj" and I launch ADS. When I choose "open an existing project" and launch "myproject_prj", an error message appears that says :

(..\..\..\projects\pde\ael\de600toDE.ael) I_DC
Failed to locate the component definition
compiled AEL file not loaded

(My script opens a schematic and places an "I_DC" on it)

But when I open the project for the second time there is no error message and everything goes fine.
I think my issue is that I didn't launch the "Component Palette" so ADS doesn't know where to look for the component I specified. ???

Is there a way to launch those palettes within an ael script or to make ADS know where to look for ? (I couldn't find any help on it)

I hope my question was clear enough (if not please tell !!). Thanks,

Pascal Morel.