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Pre- and Post-Simulation-Command

Question asked by ALBUSMW on Jul 12, 2004
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2004 by ALBUSMW

This question was already discussed a little bit before, but there was no real "answer", so I ask again.

I have ADS2003 with Design Environment, Data Display and Linear Simualtor running on a Windows XP system.

Is it possible to execute a AEL command (or any other "actions") BEFORE and also AFTER the simulator starts? I have to get data from and to a SQL database system automatically when the simulator starts and ends. This will be done with an external EXE process.

I already thought about exchanging the simulator EXE file with a self-written, starting the external SQL process, then starting the simualator, and afterwards starting the post-SQL-process again, but I don't know if this works and also I think this is not the best solution.  :-/

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