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Ground reference ports needed?

Question asked by lnorbit on Dec 11, 2003
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2003 by ALEPEREZ
I am simulating a multilayer probe-fed patch antenna at <3GHz

Substrate is defined as:

----- strip cond
Alumina Via pcvia1
----- strip cond2
Alumina Via pcvia1
----- slot local_gnd
Alumina Via pcvia1
----- strip cond3

cond and cond2 have patches on them
cond3 has a microstrip feedline
local_gnd is the ground reference for the whole cct
pcvia1 has the vias to the two patches from cond3

Two questions:
1. The way I have described the vias, they should act as though the metal goes from one end of the board to the other (i.e. not "blind" or "buried" vias), therefore I assume that the plane of the via as it is drawn in the layout is extruded across the layers. Is this correct?

2. I have been using single ports on the microstrip feeds on cond3. There is no global GND plane, nor is there a ground reference port (as these cannot be added to slot layers). Should local_gnd layer be mapped as a strip layer (with the associated loss of  simulation speed) and a ground reference port added above the cond3 layer input port?