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Re: Behavioural Modeling for RF amplifier

Question asked by STUKHS on Jun 5, 2006
Hi to all,

I like to build a nonlinear behavioural amplifier model for OFDM signals. I understand that there is a similar behavioural "Amplifier2" block under the Analog environment: ... ys017.html.

In Table 2, the polynomial order for various magnitue orders are shown.

I have a few questions:

1. Does it make sense to set the Magnitude mode to TOI, GainComp = 1dB, GainCompPower for a behvaioural amplifier for OFDM signals, since TOI is obtained by a two tone test, while OFDM is a multi carrier signal?

2. If the above mentioned magnitude mode can be applied, how can I extract the coefficients for the third order term and the fifth order term?

3. Are there any good references for such RF amplifier behavioural modeling?