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Ideal Ground Connection ?

Question asked by fcolomb on Jul 1, 2004
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2004 by ALEPEREZ
Does ADS2003C Momentum have an ideal ground connection?

It would very useful to be able to terminate microstrip stubs and other structures with an ideal  ground, i.e. V=0 at that node.

The Momentum menu bar includes a ground button next to the port button.  I tried a simple example consisting of placing this 'ground' at one end of a strip to form a short-circuited stub but Momentum seems to ignore the ground connection.

I briefly explored the 'ground reference' port but as I understand this is primarily for referencing a port to a certain node in a multilayer circuits.

My workaround for creating an ideal short has been to place an internal port and then short-circuit the corresponding port in ADS schematic.

Does ADS2003C Momentum have an ideal ground that one can use from the Momentum layout window and which does not result in an additional port?