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relations between several SDD components

Question asked by PMOREL on Nov 28, 2003
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2004 by ddshark

I need to use some SDD components to define a new component. It is all right with only one SDD. but now I need to use two of them, and I must introduce a relation between them like "_v1(of the 1st SDD)=_v1(of the 2nd SDD)".
Is there a way to do this ??
I have the same issue to define a variable like "XX=_v1(of the 1st SDD)+_v2(of the 2nd SDD)" when there are more than one SDD.
I didn't see anything about this in the help.


P.S. : is there a way to attach files (like shematics) with this kind of mail to make it easier to understand ?