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issue using CDF

Question asked by LOUZINK on Feb 24, 2005
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2005 by mfredrik
I am running a harmonic balance simulation.  I have a Parameter sweep of frequency (Fidx), which calls a MonteCarlo (MCidx) which then calls the Harmonic balance controller.  I am measuring the Power at node Vout.  Fidx goes from  0::x and
           MCidx goes from 0::y

If I plot cdf(dBm(Vout[Fidx,MCidx,1])), I get a different answer then if I do
cdf(dBm(Vout[2,MCidx,1])) etc. on the same plot

I believe the latter case, I just don't understand why the first one doesn't give the same answer.