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Problems with DC simulation

Question asked by PMOREL on Jun 8, 2004
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2004 by mfredrik

I have an issue performing a DC simulation : I would like to begin simulating with the maximum value of my varying parameter but ADS always begins with the minimum one. I tried to declare the maximum value as "Start" and the minimum as "stop" in the sweep window of the DC component but ADS still begins with the minimum value... ???

Other issue, I had this message performing a DC simulation : "Matrix is singular (detected between nodes or branches `mycomp._net1240' and `mycomp._net1748')". Is there a way I can know where or which are the nets implicated ? I believe ADS does the naming itself but there must be a trace of it somewhere and I couldn't find it (they are the same nets that are implicated at every simulation).