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Mesh maker error

Question asked by lnorbit on Apr 22, 2004
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2005 by JACK_LU
With certain values of mesh (e.g. 20 cells/wavelength) the mesher fails to create a mesh, and the results window shows the error below. How do I compile a defect report for this?

error message:

Simulation / Synthesis Messages

Substrate valid
Mesh generation at 1.26GHz.
ERROR : MomMSHmaker: internal error 11 -- segmentation violation

Status / Summary  

------------ Momentum Simulation ---------------

Version: Momentum MomEngine 5.0 (*) 2003C.300 Nov 25 2003
Simulation mode: MW
Design: Alumina_dual_feed_5mm_2mm_ltd_gnd_circular_scaled22

Mesh generation started

--------- Momentum Simulation stopped ----------