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How to use AEL Simulator Command Functions ?

Question asked by dorr_eesof on Apr 19, 2004
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2004 by nilesh1

I tried the AEL code in ADS help file of AEL (May 2003 version) Chapter 16. It is an example for push_message_handler function. My modified code is:

decl serverHandle=create_server  ("myserver","Hello","");
decl sh,type,msg;

defun msgFn(sh,type,msg)
     fputs(stderr,strcat("msg is:",msg));


But nothing happened in the errro log window.
It seems the msgFn has never been called. It seems the msgFn is meant to accept the messages coming from serverHandle. I wonder how those three parameters(sh,type and msg)are transferred to msgFn function and why I can not get the message in error log window? Thanks a lot.

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