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How to delete those pesky old datasets

Question asked by glcr Employee on Jul 31, 2003
I get this question a bit, so I thought I'd post it:  :)

"Is there a way to delete old datasets that are no longer pertinent, to reduce memory requirements?"  

- signed, RDH (Recovering Data Hoarder)  :P

Yes!!  To delete datasets, you can of course do so within the O/S, but you can also do it from within the main ADS window.  Once you have opened the project you want to delete files from, using the main ADS window, select the command  File>Delete Design...  

This will pop up a dialog box, which by default  will be displaying schematic design files in the project's "networks" sub-directory.  (After all, the command was to "Delete Design" right?)  ;)

Now, browse to the project's "data" sub-directory, and select the  *.ds  type from the File Type pull-down.  You will now see a filtered list of your datasets.  

Select the file(s) you want to delete and hit "apply" or "OK".  USE CAUTION - THERE IS NO "UNDO DELETE".  The "cancel" command selection is used to dismiss the window, it does NOT cancel or undo your delete action.  :o

This technique can also be applied to other files, and there are built-in filters on the Filter Type pull-down for *.dsn (in the "networks" sub-dir,) *.dds (in the main project dir,) *.zap, and *.* (any.)  

Hope this is helpful.  8)