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AEL macro for layout

Question asked by pagirard on Apr 17, 2006
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2006 by mfredrik

I have a general question about using AEL macro for layout.

I am currenlty using "home made" user-compiled models in S-Parameter simulation.
Basicaly I have 2 elements that have a dll associated for schematic and simulation and I have associated AEL macro for a representation of those elements in layout.

Of course the parameters or those elements are variables that I optimize during simulation.

Now here is my concern, when I create a network that uses sub-networks populated with my elements, I define the variables in the high level schematic. Of course the variables are passed to the sub-networks and the simulation runs just fine.

But on the layer side everything is messed-up :
1. only part of the "drawable" elements are represented in the layout
2. The elements are placed "randomly" on the layout.

Here is a more tangible example:

I have 2 type of elements : gratings and transducers.
Both have a dll for simulation and a AEL macro for layout (they share the same AEL definition of course).
I have a sub-network called Track1 that contain 8 instance of transducers and 4 gratings.
This Track1 sub-network also have variables definition that are passed to the elements grating and transudcer.
I also have a master schematic containing/defining all my variables call D1

â””-- Track1
      â””----TransducerWithArtwork (8 instances)
      â””----GratingWithArtwork (4 instances)

When I ask to generate the layout (layout>Generate/Update layout) only part of my gratings/transducers are represented....

Any idea ?

PS : If you have read this email up to this point, thank you very much for your patience and sorry for my bad explaination.