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MS3CTL_MDS and MACLIN3 difference?

Question asked by uddgren on Apr 4, 2004
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2004 by janvh
I'm designing a 3rd order filter at approx. 7.5 GHz using 3 coupled transmission lines. I started the design with the MACLIN3 component in the TLines-Microstrip palette (at the left).

After a while, the filter fulfilled the specification in the schematic-simulation. The only thing a noticed was that the loss was less than I had expected. However, I started the momentum simulation to compare the results. The difference between the schematic- and momentum simulation was much more than I had expected.

Then I remembered the old MDS component, MS3CTL_MDS. I replaced MACLIN3 with the MS3CTL_MDS component and re-simulated the schematic page. Now the simulation looked like the momentum one.

Does someone have any experience with the MACLIN3 component? What's the reason for ADS using the MACLIN3 component?