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Inductor Modelling & Spice Model generation

Question asked by nidhi123 on Jan 31, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2006 by keefe

Hello Everyone,


I am new to ADS and trying to model an Inductor.


I created a manual layout of the inductor, generated the s-parameters from it.
Then generated the spice model from the s-parameters using "SPICE MODEL GENERATION" option in schematic window.
Got .cir file after the model generation, which I imported into the schematic window.
But I am only getting resistance and capacitor components from the .cir file.
I should be getting a inductance value as well, which I am not getting at all.


Does someone has a clue where I might be making mistake or know how to do RF Inductor modelling.


Thanks for your advice and suggestions, in advance.